Annual Report

Download our Annual Report to learn more about the Access to Justice Foundation and our financial accounts


In 2019, the Access to Justice Foundation distributed a total of £1,909,822 in grants to support free legal help for those in need. This included £1,361,843 under the Litigant in Person Support Strategy and £76,864 to the Legal Support Trusts. The remainder was distributed to front line advice agencies and to national organisations and projects.

These funds have been vital in helping those organisations to continue to provide free legal help to those who are unable to afford it.

Our organisation

We raise funds and distribute them to advice agencies which make an enormous difference to the lives of vulnerable people. We provide funding and support to organisations to help:

  • Keep family breadwinners in employment through challenging unlawful discrimination;
  • Prevent young families from being made homeless;
  • Support disabled people to avoid poverty by achieving a basic level of income;
  • Help victims of sexual violence and torture to rebuild their lives.

We fund Law Centres, local Citizens Advice, independent advice agencies, pro bono projects and national charities, all of which help to facilitate access to justice.

Find out more about our work and impact in our Annual Report.