By Laura Cassidy, Development and Fundraising Manager

We’re so excited to have launched our new virtual fundraising challenge Go the Extra Mile for Justice to help us raise £200,000 for free legal advice centres across the UK by the end of 2020.

This is designed to be a fun challenge that you can do on your own, in a team or even with the whole family. You can choose a distance that is challenging for you, and you can complete it whenever you’re able to.

The best part of the challenge is that you can choose exactly how you would like to Go the Extra Mile for Justice – it can literally be in any method you like!

Here at the Access to Justice Foundation we’ve been brainstormed 21 ways you can Go the Extra Mile for Justice – some more bonkers than others! But we hope you’ll be inspired to take up your own challenge and help us raise much needed funds for the legal advice sector in the UK.

If you would like to sign up, visit our Go the Extra Mile for Justice event page.

1. WALK  

Walking is a great but often underrated form of exercise. It’s low impact, can be done anywhere and you can enjoy it with family and friends of all ages – and even your pets. Walking has also been known to help with wellbeing, concentration, fitness and cardiovascular health – what better way to switch off from your stresses and obligations, and get some fresh air whilst you’re doing it?

Choose a distance that challenges you, get some sponsors and tread the pavements with your pals to raise money for access to justice.



2. RUN

The UK has gone running crazy during lockdown, and it’s easy to see why! Running is one of the most accessible exercises to do – just put on a pair of trainers and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re running or jogging to Go the Extra Mile for Justice, you’ll be getting fitter, building muscle and improving your cardiovascular health.

Running is also a great release from the pressures of the real world – you can listen to a podcast, some music, or take some time away with your own thoughts. Whether it’s 1k, 5k, 10k or even an entire marathon, you can hit the road (or the treadmill) and raise money to help everyone can get access to justice.



Cycling is a fantastic way to Go the Extra Mile for Justice, it gives you the freedom and ability to travel further and faster than any other option (at least on this list), and it has great personal benefits, such as increasing fitness, boosting brain power and improving your overall health. It’s also low impact, so providing you’ve got all your safety gear, it’s less likely to cause injury, making it one of the best exercises you can do.

Furthermore, completing the challenge on a bike can help you explore new scenery, visit new places and you can wear a lot of brightly coloured Lycra without any judgement – it’s win win!


4. HOP

Hopping might not be everyone’s first choice for the Go the Extra Mile for Justice challenge, but that’s all the more reason to give it a go! You can start on one leg, then switch to the other, or hop between the two!

You can even use the challenge to try and beat a world record. The current record for the fastest time hopping a mile on one leg is held by a teenager in the United States who achieved it in 18 minutes and 25 seconds in 2014.

Why not give it a go?

Bunny rabbit costume is optional but very much encouraged!



You can rack up your miles by skipping – with or without a rope! This is a truly impressive way to complete the challenge and add a spring in your step whilst you help raise much needed funds for access to justice.

Don’t have a rope? Even better! It is almost physically impossible to not be smiling whilst skipping – you’ll have a lot of fun, move a few miles and you can even sing whilst you’re doing it!




If rollerblading is your thing, you can skate some serious miles for this challenge. Rollerblading is another fun form of cardio exercise that’s also low impact – providing you’ve got all the safety gear!

A perfect summer activity, this is also a great way to try something you might never have done before and also get the family involved. Crash helmets at the ready – let’s skate our way to social justice!



Channel your inner Marty McFly and skateboard your way through town, raising money as you clock up those miles!

Skateboarding takes a lot of skill, but once you’ve perfected it, it’s quite the art form. You can take up the challenge whilst performing flips and tricks – although as above, safety gear is very much recommended!





Another great activity to complete with the family – scooting for justice! Not just for kids, adult scooters are all the rage at the moment and it’s easy to see why. You can go as fast or as slow as you like, it builds muscle in the legs but it’s also low impact, so unlike running it is much kinder on the joints

Plus it makes us remember what it’s like to be a kid again! Which in today’s world is no bad thing at all.



We know the swimming pools aren’t open – yet! But the great thing about the Go the Extra Mile fo r Justice challenge is it can be completed at any time before the end of 2020 and in any way you want to do it. So if swimming is your go to exercise, fingers crossed you’ll be completing laps of the local leisure centre before you know it!

Swimming isn’t just a great full body exercise but with techniques from front crawl to backstroke, it’s a fun way to add variety to your challenge. Just make sure conditions are safe, and follow safety advice if swimming outdoors.



The more cynical amongst you might have put hiking/climbing in the ‘walking’ category, but if you’ve tried to walk up Ben Nevis with a heavy rucksack full of supplies, you’ll agree that it deserves its own mention.

The UK has some great hiking trails, and although it’s not the Himalayas, the UK’s three peaks are a challenging, fun and beautifully worthwhile way to Go the Extra Mile for Justice and see some of the most breathtaking sites in the British Isles.


11. ROW

If there is one sport we’re good at in this country, it’s rowing! And whether you’re in to kayaking, canoeing, or simply drifting along on a rubber dingy, rowing is an excellent way to Go the Extra Mile for Justice.

Although you’ll get a good arm workout with this challenge, rowing is a highly aerobic and great full-body exercise, meaning your overall fitness can improve significantly. It is hard though, so all the more reason to set yourself a challenge and get fundraising for access to justice!

We should stress – make sure you’re an experienced rower if you’re going to take to the water, or take up the challenge with someone who is.



Possibly our favourite option on the list! What could be more fun than Going the Extra Mile on a pogo stick!?

With this option you’ve got distance and height on your side! Why not make it a competition with family and friends to see who can get the furthest?

If you choose Pogo Stick as your option, you’re definitely a winner in our books!




Another option that takes us back to our childhoods – space hoppers are an extremely fun way to complete the challenge, and great for working those leg muscles!

Coming in under £10 they are a cheap and fun investment, if a little challenging way to Go the Extra Mile for justice. In fact, if you can complete 1 mile on a space hopper we salute you!




The perfect countryside activity, why not saddle up and trot up those miles on horseback?  Whether it is a slow paced amble or a faster hack, horse riding is an enjoyable and adventurous way to take up the challenge.

Horse riding is known to be a relaxing activity and a great way for getting away from the stresses of the modern world, making it a fantastic exercise for both the body and the mind.



Want to do something a little bit different? Why not see how many miles you can rack up bouncing a ball? You can do this running, walking or passing between friends.

If like us, you’ve watched The Last Dance on Netflix, you can see firsthand if it’s as easy as Michael Jordan makes it look…




Fancy walking the miles but want to increase the difficulty? Try walking with something heavy, this may be a traditional weight, a mascot, or maybe the dog after he’s had enough of the walk.

There are plenty of other ways to make your walk a bit different – try walking a mile backwards (if it’s safe to do so!), sideways or in a zig zag as part of the challenge. You might get more sponsors for that particular mile, and even if you get a few looks, you’ll know it’s all for a good cause!



Now this really puts the FUN in FUNdraise!

If you’re meeting up as a team this is a great way to add a competitive edge to the challenge. Whether it’s the egg and spoon race, three legged relay, or the sack race, the sports day theme is a fun idea for a summer party and means as a group you can all raise money for access to justice whilst reminiscing about your school days.

Just a quick life hack – hard boil the egg before the egg and spoon race, it makes for less of a clean up at the end of the event!





A relay race is a great way to work as a team to raise money for access to justice. If you’re running, you can either pick people up along the way, or do a leg of the race each. Fancy walking? Why not go to the offices of all the teams who you would usually see during the regional walks?

You could also do a socially distanced virtual relay, meaning members of your team can still complete their leg in there own time, and in their own way!




We’ve heard a rumour that uni-cycling isn’t actually as difficult as it looks…but having never tried it, we can’t confirm if that’s true or not!

You’re never too old or too young to start these things, so all we can say is if you do more than a mile on a unicycle you’re a hero in our books!





You may look a little bit peculiar doing the Macarena down your local high street, but dancing is a fantastic way to do the challenge a little bit differently, whilst having a lot of fun.

Put on your favourite tunes, grab your pals and dance those miles like no one is watching! (Even though everyone will be…)




Take the opportunity to raid your dressing up box and take up the challenge in your favourite costume.

Whether it’s as a dog on a unicycle, a celebrity on a horse, a clown on a skateboard or an alien on a bicycle, this is a fantastic way to Go the Extra Mile for Justice!

Whatever you decide to do, we really appreciate you taking the time to fundraise for access to justice organisations throughout out the UK and we hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration for your own challenge.

Remember to share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #GotheExtraMile – we can’t wait to see them.

For more information, or to sign up, visit our: Go the Extra Mile for Justice event page.