Corporate Partnerships for Justice

A lack of access to justice leads to issues of poverty, homelessness, ill health, unemployment, broken households, and many other social and personal difficulties. 

At the Access to Justice Foundation we represent the legal community in funding free legal advice, making a difference to communities and individuals across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Our nationwide approach and experience in grant giving allows us to make a significant impact in making sure that people have access to justice. 

If access to justice is important to you, please consider partnering with us to make a difference and bring justice to those that need it the most. 

Whether it’s employee fundraising and engagement, commercial opportunities or one-off events, we’ll work alongside you to develop a mutually-beneficial partnership.

People We Have Helped

“We were immensely grateful to receive a grant from the Foundation. It helped us keep vital services open. We were able to develop more sustainable sources of funding, and we’re now looking at expanding our services.” – Tower Hamlets Law Centre

Tariq*, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, and his family had been threatened with eviction from the hostel they were staying in by the Home Office. A local immigration charity averted this fate, by lodging an appeal on the family’s behalf and ensuring they were represented in the tribunal. Without the advocacy and representation provided, this family would now be street homeless. Tariq wrote to his advisor: “Without you, they would not listen. Thank you for your help. I do not know what will happen to us tomorrow, but – just because of you – they have listened today.”

* Real names not used

We have three levels of support:

Access Partnerships

Give an annual donation of £1,000 and help us support more projects across the country and have access to our community of supporters who are making a difference through access to justice. 

Justice Partnerships

Give an annual donation of £6,000 and help us support more projects across the country and have a say where you are making a difference. 

Personalised Partnerships

Give a significant donation and become a Personalised Fund Partner. Work with us to fund a legal advice project, impacting a particular area of law or location that you are interested in.

Our Personalised Partners: