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Frequently Asked Questions

An order for costs made by the court where the legal representative was acting without charge. The Foundation receives all monies raised through pro bono costs orders. For more information about the types of cases which are likely to result in such orders and how to apply for them click here.

Many solicitors firms have funds laying dormant in the client accounts where the clients cannot be traced. The SRA allows these funds to be donated to charity where the appropriate indemnity is given. We provide such an indemnity so there is no risk to you or your firm should the client resurface in the future. To find out more on how to donate dormant client accounts click here.

Evidence indicates that the number of people appearing before the civil and family courts without legal representation (i.e. “litigants in person,” or “self-represented litigants”) has increased since Legal Aid became unavailable for many civil and private law children and family cases in England and Wales. 
The Litigant in Person Support Strategy is a partnership between the Foundation, Bar Pro Bono Unit, Law For Life, PSU and RCJ Advice. We work together to help more litigants in person achieve just outcomes through the legal process. You can find out more about our work and how you can get involved here.

The Litigant in Person Network is for professionals and students working in the access to justice sector to connect, share information and best practice and to contribute to ongoing work to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. If this sounds like you then you can sign up here:

The is the legal provision which brought pro bono costs orders into existence and was the reason the Foundation was set up nearly ten years ago by a group of lawyers from across the legal profession. You can read more about how the Foundation came about here.

The criteria for each of our funding rounds are set out here. We fund a range of legal advice, support and public legal education charities, both national and local, depending on the focus of the particular round.
The Foundation supports a network of legal walks which run events all over the country, we also work closely with the London Legal Support Trust who run the London legal walk and a number of other events. You can find out more about them here.

Get in touch if you would like to be kept informed of what is going on, just send an email with “ten years” in the subject line to