Wednesday 29 November 2023


The Great Legal Quiz is a fun-filled evening for people to partake in a national competition, all whilst doing their bit to help support those most in need of specialist free legal advice. You can take part in a local pub, your office, or online. The questions are written by a professional TV quiz writer so you are sure to have a taste of those mind-boggling questions which you see on TV each week.

Don’t worry, it’s not a quiz about the law!

Questions will have the same categories as your usual pub quiz, with general knowledge,  picture, and recent news rounds.

It’s called The Great Legal Quiz because…

All money raised goes to frontline legal advice charities who deliver help and support to vulnerable people in desperate need of specialist advice. Your fundraising means they won’t be alone in going through very difficult experiences.

Taking part is simple. We will provide the questions and answer sheets. Simply sign your organisation up below and we will add you to the list of quizzes taking place to raise funds for the Access to Justice Foundation, the London Legal Support Trust, or local Legal Advice Charity.

You feedback your top scores the next day and we will announce the top team in the country! A trophy shield goes to the highest scoring team, and another to the highest fundraising quiz organisers.

This year we’re partnering with the London Legal Support Trust who are facilitating the Great Legal Quiz to enable masterminds from across the country to get involved and raise money for access to justice in their local communities.