The Access to Justice Foundation, in partnership with Advice Services Alliance, LIP Network and Legal Voice, is organising the Sharing Solutions Conference – kindly hosted by Allen & Overy on 21st May 2019
This collaborative event, aimed at people working in the access to justice sector, will focus on showcasing and discussions solutions to the key issues faced by the access to justice sector today.
The conference will provide space and time to share work, experiences, problems, and learning points on some of the key issues facing the access to justice sector, as identified by the sector – creating a dialogue between professionals and exploring the potential to develop solutions and further collaboration.

Current sessions in planning include:

Lack of service availability teamed with clustering problems mean litigants in person arrive at advice services frustrated and, in some circumstances, panicked.
This session will share experiences from frontline service provision with a friendly clinical psychiatrist who will outline some of the most common mental health issues experienced by vulnerable people. This will be a safe session for people to share their experiences of working with distressed clients.
We will explore how psychiatric issues my present themselves in distressed and vulnerable service users and highlight some top tips on how to identify distressed and vulnerable service users and how to adapt your service provision to ensure a better experience for you and your clients.

The continued rise in the use of technology to deliver advice service is evident; funders now have entire streams dedicated to digital development, but with so much focus on innovation and new tools being released weekly from the private sector, how can we be sure we’re using tech in the right way to support our services?
This session will look at the whole digital landscape; everything from the servers you use to the services applying private AI software. We will have experts by experience sharing their successes and disappointments as well as giving an overview on the digital design, development and implementation process.

Stress and anxiety can often be seen as “normal” parts of the important jobs we do, but the increased demand for already limited services places a heavier burden on our staff and volunteers.
How can we, as a time and resource poor sector make sure we care for the mental health and well-being of our single biggest asset; our people?
With contributions from experts on how to support mental health in the workplace there is a chance to get some guidance on where to start supporting good practice around mental health in the workplace. An important part of this session will also be for you to share the experiences you have had of the effect working in the sector can sometimes have on mental health.

And more to be announced…

You can book tickets online now!

Attending the conference is free though a refundable £20 deposit fee will be taken (repaid on attendance of the conference). Travel grants will be available for charitable organisations based further than 50 miles from London.