The Litigant in Person Support Strategy helps people without a lawyer in tribunals and courts

The Litigant in Person Support Strategy (LIPSS) is a national partnership of charities working together to improve the experience of people facing the legal process alone by improving access to information, practical support, advice and representation.

It is a collaborative project involving The Access to Justice Foundation, RCJ Advice, LawWorks, Law for Life, Support Through Court and Advocate. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, these six organisations, while independent, come together to deliver on the aims of LIPSS (“the Partners”). 

Through these services, people can access help online, in person and over the phone. The journey of a litigant in person is not linear, people access help at different points and require support tailored to their legal matter and wider needs. Whether it be through using an online benefits calculator and letter writing tool, getting one-off of pro bono advice and representation, or having someone provide emotional support during their hearing, the Partners work to ensure that each or all these services are available for those who need them. 

Together LIPSS aims to ensure that:

Annual activities: