Our Grants

We have made a commitment to ensure our grant making is transparent and equitable, working on the basis of trust with the organisations we fund.  Where possible we offer unrestricted funding, this means working flexibly with grantees recognising that they often know how best to spend funds to continue their work, develop and support those most in need. Sometimes the funds we receive come with restrictions, which we have to pass onto the organisations we fund.

We aim to keep our operating costs to a minimum to ensure as much of the funds we raise go directly to supporting as many people as possible.

Current grants

Improving Outcomes Through Legal Support (IOTLS)

Supporting 59 organisations across England and Wales with £10m in funding to sustain and improve access to early social welfare legal advice.

Improving Lives Through Advice (ILTA)

Supporting 59 organisations across England with £30m of funding over five years to provide social welfare legal advice for people, places, and communities most in need.

Our Distribution Principles

Our grants programmes vary in their focus, and we will publish specific criteria for each programme, but the following apply to the majority of the work we fund:

  1. The balance of funds available across the sector/ from us and others – we will not seek to duplicate work which is covered by others.
  2. Level of reach – in terms of numbers, geography and communities of people.
  3. An enthusiasm for collating data and evidence.
  4. We support partnership working, supporting more connected service provision. In a diverse sector, partnership working and the elimination of duplication is essential.
  5. End user focused, impactful work.
  6. Areas of high need – geography and client base.
  7. Preference towards unrestricted funding.
  8. Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  9. UK wide funding in a proportionate way.