For a society where everyone has access to justice

We increase funding for free legal advice. We award grants, raise funds and help to make the case for investment in advice across the UK.

A lack of access to justice leads to issues of poverty, homelessness, ill health, unemployment, broken households, and many other social and personal difficulties.

14 million people live in poverty and can’t afford access to justice

2/3 of the UK population do not know how to get legal advice

*Statistics according to the Legal Needs of Individuals in England and Wales Report. More information can be found here.

Support our work

The Access to Justice Foundation is a fundraising grant maker, this means we actively fundraise and work in funding partnerships to distribute the funds we receive.

We rely on our fundraising schemes and our work with the legal profession to raise funds to support the delivery of free legal advice to the people, places, and communities most in need.

The impact of advice

Law can be used as a tool to help people understand their rights and options, it can empower communities to stand up for themselves and seek justice.

Access to free legal advice can prevent legal problems from arising in the first place, divert people from crisis. 

Without access to legal advice, many individuals may not know how to navigate the legal system and may be at a disadvantage.

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