For a society where everyone has access to justice.

We award grants to legal advice charities, raise funds and help to make the case for advice across the UK.

Our grantee Vauxhall Community Law and Information Centre, Liverpool, said: “We’re still there thanks to the Access to Justice Foundation.”

We are solely focused on funding and supporting access to justice.

We believe everyone should have access to justice, yet two thirds of the UK population don’t know how to get legal advice and there are 14 million people  living in poverty who can’t afford it. 

A lack of access to justice leads to issues of poverty, homelessness, ill health, unemployment, broken households, and many other social and personal difficulties. 

We give professionals the tools to increase access to justice

Pro bono costs provide vital funding for free legal help. Before 2008, legal costs could not be awarded in cases where the winning party was represented for free. Section 194 of the Legal Services Act 2008 changed this.