Donate your unclaimed client account funds and give access to justice to those that need it most.

Indemnifying donations

We can provide a written indemnity for all unclaimed client account fund donations. If your client resurfaces you can ask us for the funds back, making your donation risk free.

Donate your Residual Client Balances to provide a lifeline for people in crisis

Many law firms support access to justice by donating residual client balances.

We make it simple for you by providing guidance and templates, as well as giving a written indemnity to help you meet your compliance requirements.

For further guidance on donating residual client balances please contact us

Please email for details on how to make a donation via bank transfer.

Alternatively, cheques can be sent to: The Access to Justice Foundation, PO Box 64162, London WC1A 9AN

We will issue a receipt and an indemnity for sums over £500. We can provide indemnities for sums under £500 on request.

Please include your client name and internal reference number for our records.

Indemnifying donations

The Access to Justice Foundation can provide you with a written indemnity for your residual client balance donations.

If your client is later traced you can ask us for the funds back and we will return them, making your donations compliant.