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About the Network for Justice

With over 1,200 individuals from over 700 organisations, the Network for Justice (NFJ) collates knowledge, insights, and learning from across its membership together with a broad range of expert sources to support access to justice for those most in need.

Through the collation of cross-sector resources, the curation of research briefings, and the convening of cross sector communities of interest and practice, The Network contributes vital evidence, experience, and expertise to amplify key messages, showcase what works, and build an evidence base to help us make the case for continued investment into solutions helping the people, places, and communities most in need access justice.

"The NFJ is a home and a network for all of us who have an interest in access to justice and technology. It creates a community which is important because sometimes it feels like you are alone."
"Based on some of my clients' experience with the legal system and justice, it can seem like we are fighting an uphill task. It is reassuring knowing the large number of people in the NFJ network who have the same passions and goal as myself."
"The Network has given me a platform to reach out to key players with the access to justice movement and helped me to come into the room being an accepted member of the group, rather than an outsider."
"This such a useful and interesting environment thank you so much for arranging and making it accessible. I’m a lawyer and it’s so refreshing not struggling to understand."
"In an age when a large number of networking and second tier organisations have disappeared, the NFJ provides a rare opportunity to link with other sector players."
"I value the resources, the updates, the sense of community with all those working with and alongside NFJ."
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Joining the Network for Justice is free and easy and gives you the opportunity to:

  • Access and attend our events and engagement and influencing opportunities, including the Justice and Innovation Group.
  • Find and connect with colleagues and expertise
  • Access the information, learning and knowledge sourced from the community and shared centrally among members.
  • Share updates on your own work to demonstrate impact and best practice.
  • Stay up to date on the latest learning and research, and highlight your own work in this space.


In addition to gaining access to the evidence and learning base being created by member contributions, subscribers can contribute their own insight and expertise to highlight the impact of their work on marginalised communities and the role it plays in addressing social justice issues.

We also support our members by making connections between organisations, projects, and individuals who are able to share learning, knowledge, and insights where their interests and experiences overlap.

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Key to the quality of the evidence, learning, and insight we collate is the breadth and depth of our sources of knowledge and information. Because of this we proactively engage the full cross sector range of organisations, individuals and initiatives that support people across the justice spectrum.

The Network for Justice provides an opportunity for professionals who are interested in supporting and delivering access to justice to come together and share ideas, information, knowledge, and learning.