Raising awareness about pro bono costs

Using funds from pro bono costs orders, the Access to Justice Foundation has distributed over £1 million to advice organisations. Yet awareness around pro bono costs orders remains low.

In a survey conducted by the Bar Council, just over 80% of barristers had not applied for pro bono costs orders in civil proceedings or included pro bono costs as part of a settlement agreement.  This suggests that an opportunity to use pro bono costs orders to maximise the impact of pro bono work and level the playing field for pro bono clients is not being seized as it should be.

Funds raised through pro bono costs orders directly help the next person in need of pro bono advice. This support is vital!

Be part of the picture

If you are interested in supporting our awareness raising to increase funds for pro bono services, there are a number of ways that you can be part of the picture.

We work with organisations and individuals to make the process of applying for pro bono costs orders easy and understandable. This might include:

Partnering with groups and organisations to deliver training on pro bono costs orders.

Encouraging those that have successfully obtained pro bono costs orders to share their story with others at events and through their communication channels.

Making use of communication channels such as newsletters, articles, and social media to share messages, guidance, and updates about pro bono costs orders and the impact that they have on the lives of those in need of pro bono advice.

Delivering internal training to raise awareness within your organisation and amongst your peers and colleagues.

Inviting us to speak or attend your conference to extend our network and increase the number of people aware of pro bono costs.

Directing expert costs lawyers to volunteer with the Pro Bono Expert Support Project to help draft schedules of costs and advance the use of pro bono costs orders.

If you are interested in increasing pro bono provision for marginalised individuals, communities, and places, please contact costs@atjf.org.uk.

Please feel free to share our guidance and FAQs with your peers, colleagues and wider network to maximise the impact of pro bono and help more people access the legal services they need!

Thank you to those collaborating with us to raise awareness about pro bono costs

  • Advocate
  • Cooleys
  • Edward Kemp of Matrix Chambers
  • Emma Daykin of One Pump Court Chambers
  • Freshfields
  • Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Matthew Parfitt of Erskine Chambers
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Pallas
  • The Association of Costs Lawyers
  • The Bar Council
  • Toby Brown of South Square