2023 September Justice and Innovation Group

This session showcased a range of new initiatives as well as getting an update on previously demonstrated tools.

It included presentations from DG Legal on Compliance Champion, Grapple, Access Social Care on the Alice Chatbot, The Advisors Toolbox , Northumbria University on two access to justice projects, the Greater London Authority on immigration innovation research, and LawTech UK on their Bridge programme.

Key learnings include:

  • In addition to making tools accessible, users may also benefit from additional triage before engaging with a tools to ensure they understand the action they are taking and any alternatives.
  • One of the most successful JusticeTech tools developed by the access to justice community has required a £500,000 investment over a 5 year period.
  • Given the size of this single investment, it is vital that we explore opportunities to build on existing tools and technologies to develop alternative and additional modules.
  • Barriers to accessing advice can be both practical and personal/ cultural, unless we are vigilant there is a potential to replicate and amplify barriers and bias in tech solutions.
  • Given this learning, JusticeTech would be most beneficial when designed for specific user intersections.

Meeting materials