The Community Justice Fund is a joint initiative to help specialist social welfare legal advice organisations cope with the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lay the foundations for longer-term renewal.

The Community Justice Fund

Dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 is a defining moment in work to bring about a more just and fair society. A group of independent funders working in partnership with key representative umbrella bodies, have formed an alliance for social justice to create the Community Justice Fund. This fund will support the key role that specialist social welfare legal advice agencies play in providing essential support to people and communities now and as we plan for life after the crisis.

The Community Justice Fund is a joint initiative between Advice UK, Law Centres Network and Citizens Advice and a group of independent funders (the AB Charitable Trust, Access to Justice Foundation, Indigo Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Legal Education Foundation and Therium Access). It is hosted by The Access to Justice Foundation.

The Fund is made up of contributions from a range of sources, including Trusts and Foundations and government. We have tried to develop a process which is as simple as possible, ensuring that applicants only have to apply once, and the partners to the fund will then work to ensure that your chances of funding are maximised through allocation to the most appropriate funding source.

Wave one overview

Wave one of the Community Justice Fund was open for applications from 11 May to 18 September 2020. During that time, we received 278 applications and made 173 grants to legal advice charities across the UK, totalling £8,592,808. The Law Centres Network, in alignment with the Community Justice Fund, administered a fund of a further £3 million. Together, we funded 179 specialist advice organisations to the value of £11,588,808.

You can find summaries of all grants made here.

Wave two funding criteria

The Wave Two funding round is open by invitation only to the 179 organisations previously funded through Wave One of the Community Justice Fund. The deadline to submit applications is 17th May at 5pm.

For further information and criteria, visit:

We are continuously looking for other sources of funding and working with public funders to secure funds in future. To keep updated on this process, please visit:   

Want to do more?

If you would like to make a donation or would like further information about the Community Justice Fund we would love to hear from you. To get in touch, please contact Greg Hodder, Head of Development, at