The Community Justice Fund is a joint initiative focused on supporting the provision of specialist social welfare legal advice across the UK

We’re hearing loud and clear from the frontline the need for secure, multi-year core cost funding to enable organisations to meet the needs of their communities, properly support their staff and help deal with the staffing crisis which the social welfare legal sector is facing. The people working to resolve these problems are not limitless, but they are indispensable.

We recognise that a long-term solution is required, and we are committed to working together in the long term to achieve this. Long term means at least ten years.

As a group we are committed to making the case for specialist legal advice in order to improve our collective fundraising and influencing capacity. We understand that we need to grow the pot of available funding and we will resource and invest in the work that is needed to achieve this.

At the moment we are working with partners to develop our thinking in a number of key areas, as follows:-

  1. Embedding our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do
  2. Working to develop a more robust evidence base to enable us to better make the case for advice
  3. Developing our communications in order to ensure we can properly articulate the value of this work
  4. Reviewing our governance to ensure we have a structure sufficiently robust to support our ambitions

We will post updates on this work as it progresses, although at this stage it is unlikely a funding round will be open before autumn/ winter 2022. As soon as we have more news on how our fundraising is progressing, we will share it. More information can be found at