The Great Legal Bake

The Great Legal Bake - congratulations to our bakers!
Over £5K raised nationwide

1 - 5 November 2021

What is the Great Legal Bake?
The Great Legal Bake took place from 1-5 November in celebration of Pro Bono Week 2021.

This national  event is an exciting annual campaign that brings the local legal and advice communities together to raise some dough to enable access to justice for all!

This year, over 50 organised bake sales took place across the UK in local local firms, chambers, law schools, courts, and advice agencies to raise money for access to justice projects and services in their local region.

Pro Bono Week Great Legal Bake competition – and the winner is Northumbria University!


This year, our bakers went head to head to be crowned with the best Great Legal Bake 2021.  Throughout the week, our bakers posted their showstoppers on social media using the hashtag #GreatLegalBake.  The Pro Bono Week organising committee were tasked with selecting our top 20 bakers including the winner. We are proud to announce that Northumbria University are crowned the winners! You can see our full list of winning entries below. 


Why bake?

Access to justice is out of reach for the poorest and most vulnerable in our community.

In recent years, poverty has increased and support services have dwindled. The COVID-19 pandemic has put additional pressure on the sector, as more and more vulnerable people are in need of affordable legal advice due to the unprecedented impacts of the pandemic.

The need for funding for specialist advice centres is vital now more than ever, and the Great Legal Bake is a great and fun way to raise money to support them.

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Fundraising options 

Remember, if you are…

  1.  A legal advice agency 100% of the funds you raise can be kept by your charity!
  2.  A law firm or chambers you can raise 50% for your favourite legal advice charity and 50% for the ATJF by telling us which partner agency you want to raise for.

For participants based in London and the South East, visit the London Legal Support Trust website to register.