The Network for Justice is changing. While the Network for Justice will remain a project of the Access to Justice Foundation, we are now in the process of moving away from utilising it as a standalone initiative. Instead, we will use it as a vehicle to collect the evidence and learning we need to effectively make the case for advice using a cross sector engagement approach.

The Network will continue to function as an evidence and learning initiative, allowing us to use our resources and cross-sector engagement in a more tailored way to evidence learning and best practice, and increase awareness of and engagement with the work of those supporting and delivering access to justice.

Through the collation of cross-sector resources, the curation of research briefings, and the management of stakeholder relationships, we will be investing more resources in the practical use of learning including amplifying key messages, showcasing what works, and demonstrating the impact of advice on marginalised communities.

We’ll continue to facilitate cross sector collaboration by convening the Justice and Innovation Group and our focused Insights and Learning Sessions to highlight community experiences and share learnings on “what works”. We will also foster the Social Justice Funders Group to raise awareness among funders about the transformative potential of advice, sharing materials and resources which demonstrate the impact of advice on addressing social justice issues.

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