JusticeTech What do we mean by JusticeTech? JusticeTech is technology which aims to address social justice issues, increase access to legal advice, and reduce unmet legal need. LegalTech is a technological solution created for lawyers in law firms, businesses, or corporations to help them simplify and automate their own operations. LawTech is technology that it […]

Signposting and referral systems Insights and Learning Session

Signposting and Referral Systems Insights and Learning Session This session focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges of implementing signposting and referral systems to better support users on their journeys across different services and organisations. We welcomed speakers from the frontline including Liverpool Access to Advice Network, the Women’s Homelessness project with Homeless Link, and […]

Health Justice Partnerships Insights and Learning Session

Health Justice Partnerships Insights and Learning Session This session welcomed an audience of both advice sector and health care providers with speakers Dame Hazel Genn and Dr Sarah Beardon both from University College London to present their evidence, research, and learning generated from over a decades worth of work exploring the link between Health and Justice. […]

Community partnerships to address crisis Insights and Learning Session

Community Partnerships to Address Crisis Insights and Learning Session This session looked in depth look at the evaluation of a cross sector project called the Community Coordinated Support Programme run by The Children’s Society to update understanding and gain more detailed insights into the experiencing of building and maintaining formal partnerships across councils, communities, and advice […]