What do we mean by JusticeTech?

JusticeTech is technology which aims to address social justice issues, increase access to legal advice, and reduce unmet legal need.

LegalTech is a technological solution created for lawyers in law firms, businesses, or corporations to help them simplify and automate their own operations.

LawTech is technology that it aims to bring legal services directly to small business and people, enabling them to self-serve.

JusticeTech is either Legal or LawTech applied to social justice issues.

Tech for Good is the use of technology to address social issues, with the aim of improving the lives of people and communities.

JusticeTech is the intersection of LawTech and LegalTech with Tech for Good. It includes tools that deliver legal advice themselves, and tools that support access to advice services, as well as technology that supports efficiency in the delivery of legal advice services.

JusticeTech diagram (1)

What JusticeTech exists?

Through the Justice and Innovation Group we have been able to build a picture of tools and technologies that have been developed to help support people who otherwise would not be able to access legal advice.

There are a variety of tools that service different audiences through a range of  different service delivery models. These tools are shared in the table below.

We have categorised tools with the following information:

  • What type of users the tool is suitable for,
  • What area of law, if any, the tool covers,
  • Whether the tool provides access to specialist legal advice,
  • What jurisdiction the tools work in,
  • The type of services the tool is delivering,
  • Whether the tools are live, in development, or discontinued,
  • What type of technology is used,
  • Whether the tool has presented at the Justice and Innovation Group.

Using the table to find what you need

You can filter the tools by any of the categories identified above using the filter and/or sort functions at the top of the table below. There’s is also a search function at the top right hand side of the table.

You can expand the profile of each tool via the expand function that appears as you hover over the left hand side of the record, next to the record number. You can then scroll up and down the expanded versions via the arrows at the top left hand side of each profile.