Evidence and Learning

One of our fundamental aims is to increase the funds available for free legal advice.

In order to do that, we want to clearly demonstrate the value and impact of specialist social welfare advice on society, the economy, and the lives of people, places, and communities most in need.

We aim to use the insight, evidence, and learning generated by both our grantees and the broader justice community to evidence the impact and value of specialist social welfare legal advice on people, places, and communities most in need.

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Areas of insights, evidence, and learning

Unmet legal need adversely and disproportionately affects those most in need, particularly women, ethnic minorities, and those living with disabilities. Accessing legal advice empowers people, places, and communities in need to create change for a more just and fair society.

The earlier people can access the legal advice the sooner they can resolve their issues. Access to advice at an early stage decreases the risks of crisis escalating and people being forced to engage with lengthy court and tribunal processes.

People experiencing health inequalities are often the same people most in need of social welfare legal advice. Advice has the power to address the social determinants of ill health and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

Different communities need different types of support to access and implement advice. User and community centred service delivery can use innovation and technology to identify and address the barriers to accessing advice.

Under resourced specialist social welfare advice organisations struggle to meet the increasing levels of demand, most recently driven by the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. It also hampers their ability to increase their capacity, resilience, and sustainability, putting vitally needed services at risk.

Stable funding improves sector performance and sustainability resulting in better services for users.

Investment in advice reduces poverty, and can reduce the burden on other public services such as the NHS and local authority spending.

Evidence and learning resources

JusticeTech Tools

Explore our collated a list tools and technologies aimed at supporting people who otherwise would not be able to access legal advice.

Research Library

Our research library collates research, reports, and project evaluations from across the sector that demonstrate the impact of advice on marginalised communities

Check out the evidence and learning resources from our evidence and learning community across our evidence and learning priorities.